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Release Notes

Latest (1.14.15)

  • Directories' filter results export is improved.

  • "Contacts CRM" field type work on the Edit issue screen is fixed.

  • Saved filters work (Companies directory only) is fixed.

  • Importing data from CSV file into Companies and Contacts directories is fixed.

  • "CRM Transactions" and "CRM Products & Services" fields displaying on the issue screens is fixed.

All Versions



Companies: a quick search of companies is now available – SHIFT+C


API: List of values attribute options' IDs are now shown in the interface.

Fixed Bugs

  • JQL-queries: JQL Reporter in CurrentUserHolding() bug was fixed

  • Export/Import: Textarea export with semi-colon included in the field value was corrected.

  • Directory Attributes: The Table List attribute value bug was eliminated.


Fixed Bugs

  • Companies, Contacts: the Date attribute filter bug was fixed – the column for this type of attribute now displays the attribute name.

  • CRM custom fields: the CRM Products & Services field bug was fixed

  • Export: a bug with exporting of username was fixed

  • Worklogs Report: filtering by Epic now shows sub-tasks of the epic issues as well

  • Post-functions: CRM Setup CRM company custom field value post-function bug was fixed

  • Companies, Contacts, Custom directories: the 'edit' permission is not required anymore for filtering by the JQL attribute

  • The 'Website' attribute minor improvement


Fixed Bugs

  • Value of "CRM Multiple Custom Directory" field can be edited on the view issue screen now.

  • Transactions: the 'Company' filters bug was fixed

  • Transactions: date fields were aligned with the global date format

  • CRM doesn't affect Look&Feel section in Jira administration anymore.

  • Values of "Related projects" fields in Companies directory are clickable now.

  • Companies quick search (Shift + C) works more flexible now.

  • "CRM custom directory" field's values search was improved.

  • Options of "List of values" fields can be renamed and sorted manually in CRM administration now.

  • Status Names in Transactions administration section are in English by default now.


Fixed Bugs

  • Custom Directories: bug with adding new entries after directory renaming was fixed.

  • Products: "Show decimal place" property was restored for the Number attribute type in the Products directory.


Fixed Bug

CRM Contacts: a service-desk user and any Jira user can only browse their CRM-profiles if they have a Contact Card View permission.


Fixed Bug

Bug with plugin security issue was fixed. 


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug with list of available directories in "CRM Named Select Custom directory" field was fixed.

  • Bug with "By default" property of Checkbox field type not being saved was fixed.

  • Bug with saving options in "List of values" field type was fixed.

  • Bug with incorrect value displaying in "CRM Custom directory" field after issue creation was fixed.

  • CRM Contact fields autocomplete was fixed for issues created by mail handler.

  • CRM post functions: non-working "Cloning Issue" post function was removed. NOTE: please remove this post function from workflow if you've added it before (to prevent errors during workflow operation).

  • Bug with "JQL condition" property in JQL fields in CRM directories getting empty after Properties saving was fixed.

  • Now only Select List (single choice) fields are available in "Custom fields links" -> "Custom fields" setting in CRM administration


  • Jira 8.12 compatibility was added.

  • CRM Custom directory field: the number of visible option in the field was increased to 50.

  • Worklog report: column "Comment" was added and displays comment added while work logging.

  • CRM administration -> Integrations: "Export to Service Desk conditions" setting was removed.

  • Compatibility with TM4J plugin was added


Fixed Bugs

  • Problem with deleting records from Budget directory was resolved.

  • Problem with saving changes in Contact's card was resolved.

  • Ability to create issues from Company card was fixed.

  • Options Income, Expense and Any are available for choosing in Direction field in Budgets directory now.

  • Issues search in "CRM Related list of issues by JQL" custom field was fixed.


  • "Edit products and services" permission is not required anymore to view product information in directory.

  • Companies which are being created in "CRM Companies select field" now will be automatically synchronized with "CRM Company" field values (and vice versa).

  • "Import" function was removed from Custom company directories.

  • Minor visual improvements.


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug with incorrect option's dependency of CRM custom directory field from field in "Custom directory source" setting was fixed.

  • Bug with Transactions displaying in Company card if any transaction's field contains "#" symbol was fix.


  • Email validation in CRM Property field was removed.

  • Direct mail: "Check the email exist" was added to the settings. If unchecked, only email format is being validated without checking the existence of the email.


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug with ability to filter records in "Transactions" field type in Companies directory was fixed.

  • Bug with incorrect value of CRM Company field displaying in Issue Navigator was fixed.

  • Bug with CRM Company field not displaying on issue view screen if it has no value was fixed.

  • Bug with ability to remove records from Budgets directory without "Remove budget" permission was fixed.


  • Quick search of Companies (Shift+C hotkey) is available only for users with "Company card view" permission now.

  • transactionsList API function now can filter records by client (use clientVal parameter)



Compatibility with Jira 8.16 was added.

Fixed Bugs

  • Contacts synchronization: bug with new contacts duplicate when "Jira User" field is marked as "is title" was fixed.

  • CRM doesn't interfere Jira "Look and Feel" configuration anymore.

  • CRM custom directory field: bug with field values being depended on Company field even if "Custom directory source" is disabled was fixed.


Fixed Bugs

  • Ability to create issue from Company card opened with hotkey (Shift+C) was added. Please notice, feature doesn't work in Jira administration sections.

  • List of values field: bug when renamed option is displaying with old name in Company grid was fixed.

  • Transaction directory: directory field search was fixed for the case when there are more than 200 hundred records.

  • Company card: "Remove from organization" button in People field is now available only for users who have both "Edit companies" and "Edit contacts" permissions.

  • "Restrict duplicates" option of company field in Contacts directory doesn't interrupt contact's card saving anymore.

  • CRM Products & Services field: changing product name through issue field doesn't create new value anymore, but updates an existing one.

  • Company autocomplete: now company field value is getting empty if it has autocomplete setting and contact/assignee field value is being cleared.

  • Transaction field events now working and can be used in scripts/automation rules.


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug when changes in Transaction field changes description of the issue was fixed.

  • "CRM Transactions" gadget was fixed.

  • Sorting by created and updated columns in Companies and Contacts directories was fixed.

  • "searchEntities" API call now also works with Custom company directories.

  • "Contacts field" was removed from CRM Company field settings.

  • Bug when entries can be removed in Custom company directory without "Remove" permission was fixed.

  • Minor UI improvements.

  • Transactions: «Can edit in this status» feature work is fixed.

  • CRM Custom Directory field: displaying in Confluence macro is fixed.

  • Worklogs Report: From and To dates displaying for Interval filter is fixed.

  • CRM Property field: options autocompleteon according to the relevant Company/ Contact fields is fixed.

  • The functionality of the "Reset Data" function was improved to support Oracle DB.

  • Ability to find options for Directory attribute on Company’s card is fixed.

  • Direct Mail feature work is fixed.

  • CSV import work is fixed.

  • Added compatibility with Jira 9.0 and 9.1

  • CVE-2022-22965 vulnerability is fixed

  • Directories' filter results export is improved.

  • "Contacts CRM" field type work on the Edit issue screen is fixed.

  • Saved filters work (Companies directory only) is fixed.

  • Importing data from CSV file into Companies and Contacts directories is fixed.

  • "CRM Transactions" and "CRM Products & Services" fields displaying on the issue screens is fixed.

  • Jira 9.5 compatibility is added.

  • CRM Multiple Custom Directory: filtering feature is fixed.

  • CRM Companies select field: behavior on the Edit issue screen is fixed.

  • CRM Custom directory field: behavior after changes on the Edit issue screen is fixed.

  • CRM Company and CRM Contact: changes made on the configuration screen are being properly applied.


API requests security fix.




  • Worklog Reports: epic names now contain links to the relevant epics.

  • Post-functions: Jira field to CRM attribute now allows passing several simultaneous entries.

Fixed Bugs

  • API: bug with the company name being removed as the result of "editcompany" request with the "checkbox=true" parameters was eliminated

  • Minor bugfixes


Anonymized users will be anonymized as CRM contacts as well if synchronization is enabled.


  • Companies: You can now create an issue from a CRM Company card.

  • Products: permission to add products and permission to add order entry in the list of issue orders were divided.

  • Worklog Report: A new filter – Epic – was added to display the issues included in particular Epic.

  • CRM Related list of issues by JQL: a new function has been added to the custom field – CURRENT_ISSUE_FIX_VERSIONS.

  • Custom fields list sorting was improved taking into account special symbols.

Fixed Bugs

  • Contacts: Jira users to CRM contact synchronization was fixed for the cases of the username change.

  • Contacts: bug with several CRM Contact fields unwanted synchronization was fixed.

  • Companies: duplicative rules creation for company autocomplete settings section was restricted.

  • Companies: CRM search bug for companies created by API was fixed.

  • The CRM Property field working on transitions was fixed.


Fixed Bugs

  • Companies: Company auto-populating bug (when the Reporter being changed on a workflow transition screen) was fixed.

  • Companies: The Companies directory filtering and sorting bug was fixed.

  • Contacts: Auto-populated CRM Contact field behavior in sub-tasks was fixed.

  • Custom fields: the Related issues by JQL field now support ORDER BY function in settings.

  • CRM security levels: CRM security level by an assignee company was improved regarding those assignees who are not included in any company.

  • Direct Mail: the error notification will be shown if the email hasn't been sent.

  • 'Default groups for new users' setting will now work regardless of 'Jira groups which users...' setting.

  • Links are correctly displayed now in CRM custom fields' descriptions.



Ability to add particular Jira users from the CRM company attribute to the issue field of User(s) Picker type.


  • The CRM entry title is now one-click clickable (the whole entry is clickable as usual by double click).

  • The new function was added to the configuration options of the CRM Multi Select Related list of issues by JQL custom field.

  • CRM Transactions field now supports the contexts. Specify which fields you want to display as columns in each context.

  • The List of values attribute configuration was optimized for all directories.

Fixed Bugs

  • java.lang.NullPointerException while issue cloning was fixed.

  • CRM Company renaming now renames the synchronized SD organization, not creates the new one.

  • CRM Multiple Custom Directory custom field: entries localization was fixed for the issue edit screens.

  • Worklogs Report: Date filter parsing was improved considering localization

  • CRM contact options have been made visible on the edit screens.

  • Directory attribute that is not connected to a custom directory doesn't allow to select an option anymore.

  • The Order details edit permission functionality was fixed.

  • Minor bugfixes.



  • New custom field added – CRM Multi-Select Related list of issues by JQL.

  • Quick call option added to the Phone attribute

  • The Multi Directory Items attribute type is now available for the CRM custom directories

  • A new option that activates auto-sorting of the options in the CRM custom fields was added.

Note that auto-sorting to be performed as a background process and can significantly increase processor utilization in case you have too many field options.


  • The new operator OR is now available in the CRM companies filter.

  • Products Report now provides information about the sum of Amount values for the current filter.

  • Ability to specify the default value for the list of values attribute was added.

  • The list of options in the CRM custom fields to be updated automatically

  • The 'unclickable' link to the CRM entry is hidden for the users with no access to the entry

  • The ability to split permissions (access & browse) for the CRM Custom Directories added

to smooth the update, the browse permission entry for the custom directories will take the values from the access permissions entry

Fixed Bugs

  • Custom fields with a selection from a CRM director now auto-updates their options when an entry has been created within CRM.

  • The 'Show in CRM name' option now shows the additional values (in case of having several ones) in the same order for all entries.

  • Minor bugfixes.


Fixed Bugs

  • java.lang.NullPointerException bug caused by the CRM app was fixed (Automation app incompatibility was overcome)

  • A parent company selection is now limited by the list of companies excluding the current one and its child ones

  • CRM custom fields' names now to be displayed according to the current user profile language

  • The Turn on optimization mode checkbox now stops CRP Property fields' values auto-populating



The "create a problem from comments" feature was excludes. This feature is now available in the Help Desk for Jira app.

Fixed Bugs

  • Сorrect operation of the export

  • Bug with products

  • Minor bugfixes


New features


  • The CRM Property custom field appearance is now read-only

  • Saving the mandatory field filled with space(s) only is now restricted

  • If the CRM contacts to Jira users sync is enabled, a CRM contact to be auto-deleted when the Jira user is deleted

  • Date field filter for the Transactions attribute is now more convenient

  • While deleting an entry from CRM Custom Directory the related entries are shown

Fixed Bugs

  • The notification sending on a transaction status change is fixed

  • The CRM Directory custom field values search is fixed

  • The issue type field displaying within JQL CRM attribute is fixed

  • The issue key link activeness is fixed

  • The transaction search is fixed


Compatibility release.


New Feature

New post-function that allows copying Jira custom field value to a CRM directory (Companies/Contacts)


Fixed Bugs

  • The creation of a new company from the CRM Company field (in case of displaying an extra company attribute in the title) is fixed.

  • Contact to Company auto-linking for the new entries created from the CRM Contact custom field is fixed.

  • The Copy custom field value to CRM post-function attributes correspondence check is improved.

  • Minor bugfixes.



  • The CRM Custom Company field is now clickable (the linked custom company entry can be viewed within an issue)

  • The CRM User Issues was renamed to CRM Related list of issues by JQL and now supports more custom queries – CURRENT_ISSUE_COMPANY, CURRENT_ISSUE_KEY

  • Sorting and filtering in the CRM attribute of "Products" type was fixed and improved

  • No more confirmation pop-ups while switching from the CRM directory where a filter has been used.

  • CRM Company field now supports different contexts.

  • The feedback icon in the CRM administration section was replaced with a more suitable.

  • The link to the app documentation in the CRM administration section was updated.

Fixed Bugs

  • Company to contact auto-linking was fixed for the following case: a new contact has been created in a CRM contact field relevant to the CRM company field during issue creation.

  • Migration of the values to the CRM Multiple Custom Directory type fields was fixed: all values are now being copied, not the only one.

  • Transactions filtering by plan/fact field was fixed.

  • CRM Company field operator "=" searches for companies where the value of the specified field exactly matches the specified value.

  • Service Desk Organizations to CRM Companies export functionality was fixed.

  • CRM permissions entries saving was fixed.

  • Bug with CRM entry creation by each Save button pushing was fixed.

  • Duplicates restriction functionality was fixed for a CRM attribute been selected as a title.

  • Adding new values in the CRM Multiple Custom Directory custom field was fixed.

  • Minor bug fixes & UI fixes.

Known Issues Revealed

Problem: Cannot find the uppercase non-Latin letters


Data Center compatible.

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