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Add CRM Company Users to Issue User(s) Picker Field

Non-project-specific feature.

Adding auto-participants, don't forget to grant the relevant permissions to them!

In case you'd like to automatically fetch one or several users relevant to a CRM company to the issues related to that CRM company, do the following:

Navigate to CRM Administration → Companies → Company User Field Autocomplete Settings and specify per project:

  • User Picker – the Jira field of User Picker (Single User) / User Picker (Multiple Users) where the selected users should be added by default on issue creation

  • CRM Company – the Jira field storing the source CRM company in the issue

  • CRM Jira User field – the CRM company attribute of Jira User type that stores the list of users

At the example above: all Jira users selected in the Manager attribute in the CRM Company will be added to the Participants field in those issues where the company is selected in the Company (reporter) field.

Note that the issue field value will not be auto-updated when the CRM company card attribute updated. The issue field value will be changed within the first upcoming issue update.

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