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Initial Settings

First steps

To start working with CRM objects, you need to perform these steps right after plugin installation: 

  1. set up access to CRM's objects for groups and users

  2. define a system CRM user

  3. create dictionary fields and add them into desired projects

  4. add your own attributes into dictionaries if needed

  5. add your own custom dictionaries if needed

Plugin Settings Menu

To get to the plugin's administration menu you can use gear button in the CRM main menu.

CRM button will appear to users who have granted permission to Access main menu CRM. If you don't see this button, go to Manage Add-ons sections and configure permissions.

Setting up Access

After plugin installation, you must set up access to plugin's objects and features, otherwise, your users will not see the CRM menu and the directories.

Default Settings

After plugin installation, there will appear settings and data in CRM dictionaries as an example. You can delete them or add your own settings.

Setting up Records Attributes

Before starting to work, you should also set up contacts and companies' directory attributes.

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