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Release Notes


  • Compatibility with Jira 9.16.


  • Calendar on JSM portal: AUI component related issue is fixed.

  • Filters: checkboxes related UI big is fixed.



  • Added support for new custom field types on the Timeline view (Split by Assignee/Reporter/Other): Select List (single choice), Asset Object, Asset Referenced Object (single)


New feature:


  • iCal related export/import issues are fixed.

  • Incorrect time display in the hourly grid is fixed.



  • Calendars based on 1 date: now you can choose the same date field for the Start Date and End Date in the Calendar settings.


  • Switching to timeline views related issue is fixed.

  • Localization related issues are fixed.

  • Fixed bug using 24h time format (affected Week and Day views).



  • Bug related to reminders displaying on Calendar is fixed.

  • Fields with duplicate names are now displayed correctly in the selection list.



  • Minor improvement: icon update.

  • Google Calendar integration steps are updated to comply with current Google API rules.


  • Bug related to displaying issue duration (All-day events) is fixed.



  • Start and End time displaying for the issues based on DateTime Picker fields is fixed.

  • "Timeline Week" view time displaying is fixed.

  • Assigning issues pulled from the Unplanned Issues area into timeline views is fixed.

  • "All-day" default time displaying for issues in Month view is fixed.

  • Non-Jira events timing set up is fixed.


Security improvements.


The underlying library was updated to the latest version.

  • Smaller avatars

  • Sticky calendar header

Minor improvements.



  • The Calendar section color was changed from off-white to white.

  • Saturday and Sunday are not additionally colored anymore.

  • Events coloring settings were simplified:

    • The text color for all entities in Calendar is now defined as dark.

    • The colors available for issues and events are limited to simple and contrast options (the selected colors will be automatically changed during the app update).

  • Reminders and Google events appearance was defined.

Fixed Bugs

  • Bug with "Start Date Custom Field" and "End Date Custom Field" values for new calendars being inherited from the last opened calendar, not from the global calendar settings.

  • Issue preview card in calendar opens outside of the screen.

  • The deleted custom fields stay in the calendar settings that lead to the inability to open the issue preview.

  • The favorite calendars leave the list of favorites after logging out.

  • The calendar in the project section is unavailable.

  • The issue Calendar section is not available for users with French profile language.



  • For the calendars based on Date Pickers, the issue end date is now displayed as included. I. e. the "January 1 – January 1" issue duration will be displayed as one full day.

Fixed Bugs

  • The Assignee field is cleared when moving an issue from the Unplanned issues section (in case the "Group by" option is being used for the calendar).

  • Inconsistent behavior of issues in a calendar based on Date Pickers and Date-Time Pickers.

  • Violation of the following project permissions: "Edit Issues", "Assign Issues", "Assignable User", "Schedule Issues".

  • Duplicative issue tabs while opening an issue from the Calendar in Service Desk.

  • A user cannot open a calendar by the direct link if the calendar has not been added to their favorites.

  • Duplicative Google events from a synced calendar.


Fixed: For the calendars based on Date Pickers, the issue end date is now displayed as included. I. e. the "January 1 – January 1" issue duration will be displayed as one full day.



  • Permissions: the ability to change calendar settings is not available by default for those the calendar was shared to. A calendar creator can specify who should be able not only to access the calendar but also to set it up. For backward compatibility the 'Can Edit' option set to True for the existing sharings.

  • Calendar Dates: the Due Date field is available for use as a Start/Finish date of a calendar. The 'Schedule issues' permission will be checked if a user is trying to replan the issue based on Due Date within a calendar.

  • The calendar direct link is now available 'on the surface', not in the settings.

  • The Unplanned Issues area is now always available for a calendar (no settings changes required). It can be expanded/collapsed, its location is now handier and the section occupies less space.


Fixed Bugs

  • "Groups which users can edit issues on the calendar" setting doesn't affect the ability to add new issues and events into the calendar.

  • "Groups which users can edit issues on the calendar" setting was fixed for issues in the calendar.

  • Problem with "Group by" setting if no groups were chosen in "Jira groups to limit "Group by" items" was resolved.

  • Bug with list of issues in "Unplanned issues" section not getting updated after filter changing was fixed.

  • Bug with necessity to refresh page after choosing quick filter was fixed.


  • Default option "All" was added to Unplanned Issues section and displays all unplanned issues which meet global calendar filter.

  • Display of reminders in "Year" view was improved.

  • Reminders are now displaying in the calendar in accordance with its periodicity.

  • Minor visual improvements.


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug with users and groups deletion from Calendar "Share" setting was fixed.

  • User assignment when adding issues by drag and drop from "Unplanned issues" section was fixed.

  • Problem with dates getting not visible while scrolling calendar in timeline views was resolved.


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug with issue displaying in Unplanned issues section in "Year" view was fixed.

  • Bug with ability to replan custom events in calendars was fixed.

  • Speed of the calendar scrolling was improved.


  • Compatibility with synapseRT plugin was added.

  • The Year view and the related settings were deprecated for Jira version 8.15 and higher because of the library incompatibility with these Jira versions. The existing calendars with this view selected as default will be changed automatically to the Month default view.


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug with Year view not working on Jira 8.14 and earlier was fixed.

  • Bug with all issues displaying as Unassigned in Timeline views was fixed. 


  • Jira 8.16 compatibility was added.

  • Bug with all issues and custom events displaying in calendar as "All day" was fixed.


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug when special characters in summary of the issue displayed in calendar break Month view display was fixed.

  • Google calendar integration: events from Google calendar not can not be moved (replaned) in Calendar plugin.

  • Google calendar integration: bug when events from Google calendar are displaying in Jira calendar after integration disabling was fixed.

  • Bug when Year view can not be set as default was fixed.

  • "Page not found" page is now displaying in case when user is trying to reach calendar which doesn't exist or is not shared for him.

  • Issues in "Unplanned issues" section now also consider enabled quick filters in calendar.

  • Bug when user not being able to get list of shared calendars until at least one personal calendar is created was fixed.

  • French translation was improved.



  • Service Desk calendar: now all customers who can access an issue on the portal can also see the issue within a calendar – reporter, participants and the customers of the organization the issue shared with.

Fixed Bugs

  • Integrations: Reminder yearly notifications are now displayed within the calendar. Not that only the upcoming reminder will be displayed.


Minor bugfixes


Minor bugfixes



Minor bugfixes


Fixed Bugs

  • Reminders cannot be moved within a calendar anymore.

  • Calendar is now supported by the Refined for Jira Service Desk app.


Fixed Bugs

  • The bug with searching of the existing issues in a calendar was fixed.

  • The calendar doesn't affect the reports' language anymore.

  • Calendar preview cropping was eliminated in Service Desk.

  • The number of characters allowed in the JQL-filter for a calendar was increased to 500.

  • Bug with buttons displaying for the French localization was eliminated.

  • The error in case of too many groups (or long group names) a calendar was shared with was eliminated.

  • Fixed bug with displaying all the issues if two or more quick filters had been selected.



  • If a calendar uses Data Pickers, no time selection provided during the issue rescheduling.

Fixed Bugs

  • Calendar doesn't affect the Look&Feel section in Jira administration anymore.

  • Sharing calendars: The bug preventing users from seeing shared calendars was fixed.

  • Calendar Quick Filters: Problem with "Groups picker (single)" and "Group picker (multiple)" quick filters was eliminated.

  • Minor bugfixes

Due Date is not available anymore for selection as a Start or Finish date of a calendar (due to possible project permissions conflicts reason).


Compatibility release.


Fixed Bugs

  • Calendar sharing functionality was fixed: the shared calendars are now available for users in the 'Shared Calendar' section by default and can be moved manually to/from the 'Favourites' section.

  • When an issue has been created in the particular user timeline within the Calendar it's automatically assigned to this user, not to the default project assignee.


Fixed Bugs

  • Minor bugfixes


Minor bugfixes


Minor bugfixes

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