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Integrations (Import/Export/ICS Subscription)

As a calendar owner or a user with Edit permissions, you can manipulate with events from other sources within your calendar. 

Export Calendar to iCal formart

This functionality allows you to get a snapshot of your calendar events in iCal format. This snapshot can be imported to another calendar, for instance, to Google Calendar.

To export the current calendar push the "Export" button. Calendar's issues and events will be downloaded to your computer as an iCal (.ics) file. Following is the example of Calendar events imported to Google Calendar from .ics file:

Import from iCal file

This functionality allows you to upload a snapshot of events exported from another calendar (i. e. Google) to your calendar. Read: Export your Google calendar.

Select the exported file and import it to the calendar. Imported events are added as Non-JIRA Events with default color. Following is the example of the event imported to Calendar:

ICS Subscription

You can easily integrate events from an .ics calendar into your existing calendar with online calendar subscription, which offers automatic updates. This process is known as an ICS subscription or an iCal subscription. The .ics file format is widely supported by various websites and calendar programs, such as Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Lightning, making it a convenient option for importing calendars from these platforms.

To subscribe to an ICS subscription or an iCal subscription, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Go to SettingsImport/Export.

  2. To subscribe to a calendar, you will need to provide the URL for the desired calendar.
    Enter the URL in the designated input field.

  3. Enter the name of the calendar.

  4. Choose the color of your calendar (if you want to).

  5. Click on the "Import" button to finalize the process.

By following these steps, you can successfully subscribe to an ICS or iCal calendar and receive automatic updates directly in your calendar.

Here you can look where to find ICS subscriptions links for Microsoft Outlook and Google calendar.

The difference between importing and subscribing to a calendar

The two primary methods of adding events to your calendar are importing and subscribing, and they serve distinct purposes.

When you import an .ics file, you essentially take a snapshot of the events within the calendar at the moment of import. Your calendar does not automatically update these imported events, even if the original calendar's owner makes changes to them.

On the other hand, subscribing to an online calendar creates a connection between the external calendar and your own. This connection enables automatic updates to your calendar whenever the original calendar's owner modifies any events. Subscribing to a calendar is an excellent way to stay updated on events that frequently change.

In summary, importing an .ics file provides a static snapshot of events at the time of import, best suited for events that remain consistent. Subscribing to a calendar, however, offers a dynamic connection that updates your calendar as the original calendar's events change, making it an ideal choice for tracking events with frequent modifications.

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