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Calendar for Jira DC

About Calendar for Jira

Plan personal activities, tasks, vacations and business trips within JIRA and share them with your coworkers.

What is Calendar for JIRA?

  • Calendar for JIRA helps you plan personal activities, team tasks, vacations and business trips within JIRA.

  • You should create a personal, team, or project Calendar to plan specific activities and share it with your colleagues.

  • To plan issues just click on the specific days or hours or drag the existing issue there. Also, Calendar tracks estimated time and fixes it within JIRA.

Why should you use Calendar for JIRA?

  • Calendar lets you browse the issues by Months, Weeks, and Days.

  • Any user can create an unlimited number of calendars.

  • You can create calendars for different cases: planning a specific project or product, employee, group of employees or the special issue types (such as a vacation or a business trip, or marketing activities).

  • Also you can add to your calendar Quick Filters to highlight certain issues or/and temporarily hiding them on the calendar

  • You can add a new or existing issue to calendar.

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