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View Modes

A user can switch between different calendar modes to get a better look at the information.

Look Closer

Take a closer look using the Day/Week mode – here you can visualize the particular time within the day:

From a Bird's Eye View

The Month view allows you to browse the information of a month at once:

Split by Assignee/Reporter/Other

The timeline mode offers a way to categorize tasks and information based on assignees, reporters, or other custom field types you've set up. By configuring the calendar settings, you can generate separate swimlanes for each category, providing a visual representation of your project's workload.

When using the split by Assignee/Reporter field type you have the ability to select the specific users you want to display.

The feature supports various custom field types:

  1. User Picker (single user).

  2. Select List (single choice).

  3. Asset Object.

  4. Asset Referenced Object (single).

To ensure functionality with Asset and Asset Referenced Objects, specific field configurations are essential:

  • Asset Object:
    Disable the "Multiple" option in the configuration settings.

  • Asset Referenced Object:
    Specify the "Object attributes on Issue view" field with the attribute name linking it to the Asset Object.

For detailed instructions on configuring these field types, refer to the Atlassian user documentation.

Currently, the drag-and-drop feature is disabled both for Asset Object field and Asset Referenced Object field when the Asset Referenced Object is configured and connected to the Asset Object. This prevents disruptions to the integrity of field connections. When the Asset Object field configured without the Asset Referenced Object field the drag-and-drop feature remains available.

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