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Reminder functionality overview

The Reminder app allows Jira users to set reminders from any Jira issue. Simply specify a date and time, and you will receive a notification with a link to the issue, as well as an optional message from Jira.

What kinds of reminders exist?

As for an addressee, there are the following:

  • personal

  • group (addressed to all group members)

As for periodicity, there are:

  • single-time

  • periodical reminders

As for reminder privacy, there are:

  • normal reminders

  • private reminders (which can be seen only by participants and admin regardless of permissions)

Who can create and manage reminders?

Permissions of creating, browsing and managing reminders are set up by Jira Administrator (check the Administrator's Guide).

Where can I check my reminders?

There is a special section where you can browse all your upcoming reminders. Also, the issue-related reminders are available for you within the special section in the issue view.

Please note that certain functionalities may be limited by permission settings as outlined in the Administrator's Guide.

There are, however, some steadfast rules that apply:

  • Only licensed Jira users with the necessary access permissions can receive reminders. These permissions are verified during the dispatch process.

  • Any licensed Jira user can create personal reminders for their own use.

  • The creator of a reminder has the authority to manage and delete it.

  • The assignee of a reminder, whether personal or as part of a group, has the ability to view the reminder and its parameters.

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