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Reminder for Jira Cloud

About Reminder for Jira Cloud

Stay tuned on your issues. Create email-reminders on any issue for yourself and your coworkers. Set up text and periodicity.

With Reminder for Jira Cloud, you can easily set reminders for yourself on any issue, as well as for your colleagues if you have been granted the necessary permissions. You have the option to customize the notification text, set the time and choose the periodicity that suits your needs. Additionally, you can manage all the reminders you created and those created for you in a convenient section, ensuring that you never miss an important deadline or task.

Highlights of the app’s features:

  • Set a reminder right from an issue.
    With just a few clicks, create a new reminder from an issue and customize the message, time, and periodicity.

  • Keep track of your reminders in one place.
    Use the 'My Reminders' menu to access all reminders that you created or were created for you.

  • Manage all reminders in one list.
    Grant your Jira Admin access to a single list of all reminders, including archived reminders in a dedicated section.

  • Ensure accuracy across time zones.
    Each user will receive reminders with the dispatch date aligned to their account time zone, eliminating confusion and improving reliability.

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