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How to create a Reminder

Reminders section location

To access the reminders section, navigate to the reminders panel within an issue. This panel allows you to browse and manage reminders related to the issue at hand, as well as create new reminders as needed.

There are three types of reminder creation:

  • quick (Tomorrow, In a week);

  • 'from scratch' - for more complex settings;

  • child issues' rems - for reminders bulk creation on the child issues (available for an issue that has at least one child issue)

If the reminders panel is not immediately visible, please check the issue options to locate it.

Quick reminders

You can create quick reminders for yourself without any messages using the two predefined options available:

  1. Tomorrow - selecting this option will set a reminder for the next day, exactly 24 hours from the current date and time.

  2. In a week - selecting this option will set a reminder for 7 days from the current date and time.

A Reminder from scratch

You can create a reminder from scratch, simply click the "Reminder" button. This option enables you to create reminders for other users and set up periodic reminders as needed.

Specify the list of users or user groups the reminder should be sent to. If you have the necessary permissions, as outlined in the Admin's Guide, you can select user groups as well as individual users.

Choose the periodicity of the reminder being sent. Options include: Don't repeat, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly, starting from the first sending time.

When / Starts on:
Specify the date and time for the reminder to be sent, or the first sending time for recurrent reminders. For periodic reminders, you can also set a formula and an end date.

Optionally include any text you wish to include in the reminder email.

Upcoming reminders related to the issue will be visible in the same section, as well as in the dedicated "My Reminders" section.


If the "Visible only to participants" option is enabled in the Reminder app, only the creator and recipient of the reminder will see it in the issue view, regardless of permission settings

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