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Similar Issues Displaying


The HelpDesk app provides the HelpDesk Similar Issues custom field that shows the clickable links to the issues with a similar summary.


  • for your customers: to prevent them from creating duplicative requests

  • for your agents: to show them a list of similar issues that might contain some useful information regarding the current request.

How It Works Exactly

The app checks if there are issues with at least one of the same words in their summary (excluding the specified exceptions) and shows the list of these issues. Only the issues available for the current user to browse will be displayed.

Setting Up

1. This custom field should be added to the issues as usual for the custom fields. Read Adding a custom field (Atlassian documentation).

2. The field has the following configurable parameters:

  • the maximal number of links to be displayed

  • words to be excluded from your search such as prepositions, particles, conjunctions and so on.

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