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Cloning Issues in HelpDesk

Who can clone issues via HelpDesk?

A customer can clone issues created by them in HelpDesk if they have the relevant permissions (View Clone button).

To activate this feature for users, navigate to JIRA Administration → Helpdesk → Customer area → Request tracking and specify groups of users who will be able to clone requests:

Fields available for editing in HelpDesk

Fields available on the Clone screen in HelpDesk are the same as that configured for edit screen.

Restrictions and limitations

The following issue information cannot be edited via HelpDesk:

Note that some fields may require specific permissions (i. e. Due Date require the Schedule Issues project permissions)

Custom fields provided by other apps may behave incorrectly in HelpDesk.

How to use cloning?

Just click the “Clone” button, change available field options if you need to and click “Create” button.

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