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Filters & Subscriptions Management

As a Jira administrator, you can manage all the filters and subscriptions on the instance.

Navigate to the Administration → Manage Apps → Subscriptions section – the grid with five tabs will be displayed.

Available actions include:

  • Browsing filter and related subscriptions info

  • Validating filter (check if there is an error in JQL that leads to broken subscriptions/gadgets/reports)

  • Changing the filter name and owner

  • Deleting a filter with the related subscriptions

  • Deleting a particular subscription

  • Searching a filter by a piece of JQL

Read more: Actions available for the filters and subscriptions

To change the query of the private filter change its owner to yourself (and then back if required).

All filters

The tab contains the list of the filters saved by all Jira users, including the private ones. Use this tab to find all filters of the particular user or understand the typical filters the users create – a great tool for the optimization and ideas for new boards.

All subscriptions

The tab contains the list of subscriptions of all Jira users. Browse and manage them as you need. If your users complain the subscription doesn't work check if the relevant filter is valid by the Validate action.

All filters with invalid JQL

The tab contains the list of invalid filters saved by Jira users. Find all filters that don't work for a reason and check this reason. Ask if the filter owner and filter subscribers need the filter to be fixed or rather deleted.

Why a filter can be invalid? Jira won't allow a user to save the invalid filter, yet the related option or object can be renamed or deleted after the filter has been saved.

All objects with inactive owner

The tab contains the list of filters and subscriptions of the users who don't have access to Jira anymore. This tab is convenient to manage the filters and subscriptions of the user who doesn't work in Jira. Check if someone subscribed to their filters and delete the subscriptions of the inactive users if any.

Duplicate filters

The tab contains the list of filters that returned the same results during the latest check. It might be duplicate or, in some cases, it might be just a coincidence, yet it may help you optimize the filters.

You can navigate to a filter to browse its query and ensure if it's a duplicate or not. Check the subscriptions before deleting a duplicate.

Note that the duplicative filters search should be set up at first. You can find a link to the service on the tab and change its settings.

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