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Subscriptions for Jira

About Subscriptions for Jira

The app for both Jira administrators and Jira users that provides the best way to manage the filters and subscriptions created by users.

Users can create an infinite number of subscriptions on every filter they want. Furthermore, the subscription can be sent frequently and include a group of people who can not unsubscribe. It may cause problems with an overload of the system and the administrators may never know about the presence of such a big number of subscriptions.

Now your administrators can review and manage the filters and subscriptions of all Jira users in one place. As for the regular users, the app provides them the ability to manage their own filters and subscriptions in one place in a convenient way.


There are two similar sections – one for the Jira admin (containing all filters and subscriptions ) and one for a regular Jira user (containing only the relevant the filters and subscriptions). Both sections look the same and provide the filters and subscription information divided by tabs for convenience.

By switching between these tabs, you can easily do the following:

  • find and delete the unnecessary filters and subscriptions;

  • change the filter owner if the filter is in use while the filter owner doesn't work in Jira anymore;

  • find and manage the duplicate filters;

  • reveal the problems with filter JQL and manage or delete such problem filters;

  • and much more!

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