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Queues are intended to help your support team prioritize their work on requests. With HelpDesk you can set up single- or cross-project queues, as many as you need.

Set up a queue with overall SLA, team SLA or both for more visual clarity. In the examples below, you can see the queue sorted by the overall SLA and the queue sorted by team SLA. This second queue demonstrates that teams working with the issues sometimes breach their time limits that can be a signal to a manager about overall SLA risks.

Queues Setting

Set as many queues as you want at the dashboard(s) using the standard Filter Results gadget.

1. Create a filter using any combination of standard and specific JQL-functions. Define the order of issues by the SLA filed. Check JQL-functions for SLA & SLA 2.0.

Sorting by SLA fields assumes sorting by the Due Date value.

If you don't remember the id of your SLA field, just try sorting by this column and copy the provided JQL.

2. Save the filter and share it with your support team. Read how to manage shared filters (Atlassian documentation).

3. Add the Filter Results gadget on the Dashboard. Set up the gadget parameters.

Ensure the dashboard is visible to your support team.

If the support team has the Jira Software access, they can also use the SLA/OLA functionality on the different agile boards.

For now, this option is only available for the old SLA fields.

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