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Jira Field to CRM Attribute


The Jira field to CRM attribute post-function fetches the value from a Jira issue field to a CRM directory (Companies/Contacts) entry attribute on a workflow transition.

As not all fields an attributes are compatible, the following restrictions were set:

Jira custom field type
(Source Attribute)

CRM field type
(Target Attribute)

Text Field (single line)

String (255 chars)

Number Field


Text Field (multi-line)


Date Picker


CRM Custom Directory


URL Field


User Picker (single user)

JIRA user

Group Picker (multiple groups)

JIRA group

Use Case

The main case to use this post-function is the requirement to change the Company or Contact attribute value not directly and not instantly. It's convenient when the changes must be reviewed first.

For example, you have a workflow that supposes approval/decline (as the different workflow transitions) of the company info change. So the information should be specified within Jira issue and fetched to the company linked to this issue on a particular transition.

In this case, you should do the following:

  1. Add a field to a Company card in the CRM administration menu

  2. Add a custom field of the relevant type to your issue screen

  3. Add the Jira field to CRM attribute post-function at the transition of the relevant workflow and configure it.

There is no option to fetch info from a field of Select List type to a CRM attribute of List of values type as they in fact refer to the different lists and a minor inconsistency of these lists will disrupt the function work.

However, there is a workaround that supposes using the Custom Directory to Directory combination instead:

  1. Set the new custom directory in the CRM administration menu.

  2. Navigate to this directory in CRM and fill it in with the required values.

  3. Add a CRM Custom Directory custom field to the Jira issue screen and configure it to use the required CRM directory as an origin.

  4. Add the Directory attribute to a CRM Company/Contact card and configure it to use the same CRM directory as an origin.

  5. Add the Jira field to CRM attribute post-function at the transition of the relevant workflow and configure it.

Post-function Configuration

There are three fields that should be filled accurately to make the post-function work:

  1. Source Attribute – the info to be pushed to a CRM.
    Here you can select one value from the list of Jira issue fields of the allowed field types.

  2. Target Entry – the list of Jira issue custom fields used for linking to the CRM Companies/Contacts directories.
    The source attribute information will be sent to the entry(s) specified in this field in an issue.

  3. Target Attribute – the place the source info to be fetched to.
    Here you can select one value from the list of the target entry attributes of compatible types.

So you should select 1) what information should be fetched 2) wherein the issue the system should look for a target 3) and in which particular field the info should be fetched

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