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Sharing Calendars

The calendar creator can share the calendar with particular groups of users. Two modes are available:

  • Use-only (browse, add events, filter etc.)

  • Use & Edit – with the ability to manage the calendar settings and share the calendar without the right to edit. Deleting and name editing is unavailable.  

How to share a calendar

Press the Share button:

You can share the link to the calendar. The calendar will be available to users from the added group. 

If you don't have access to the calendar, you can request it. The owner of the calendar will receive an email notification with your request.

Actions available for a user that hold shared calendar:

  • Can add a user groups if the creator of the calendar has granted the right for editing.

  • Can not delete user groups.

  • Can not change editing permissions for added groups.

You can view shared calendars in the left navigation.

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