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Calendar for Jira Cloud

About Calendar for Jira Cloud

Plan personal activities, tasks, vacations and business trips within JIRA and share them with your coworkers.

The app allows users to browse Jira issues along with non-Jira events in the calendar view. It's a great opportunity to see the order of works, plan vacations and business trips, book meeting rooms and much more!

Calendar not only displays Jira issues but also allows users to schedule them by simply drag-an-dropping an issue or an event within a calendar. A user can also browse the issues with no dates specified in the Unplanned issues menu and put them in the calendar.

Main Features

  • The unlimited number of personal and shared calendars.

  • Various view modes: day/week/month/timelines/list

  • Project-specific / filter-based or jql-scope calendars.

  • Quick planning: moving issues within a calendar, adding new issues via a calendar, drag-and-dropping unplanned issues to a calendar.

  • Automatic card coloring according to the calendar settings.

  • Quick filtering.

  • Integration with public Google Calendars.

  • Integration with the Reminder app by Teamlead.


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