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Release Notes


Minor improvements: icon and name (Catalog → Universal Directories) update.


Jira 9.0 compatibility.


Security improvements.


Jira 8.17 compatibility.



  • The Catalog Select (multi) custom field is now available. It allows a user to select several Catalog objects in an issue from a directory. The field can be used in cascading selection and based on the standard Jira multi-select field.



  • New types of attributes are now available: EmailTextareaURLGroups.

  • The Number attribute: an ability to switch to Float was added.

  • The Number attribute: negative values enabling is available in the attribute settings.


  • The Directory and Multi Directory Items were merged into the Catalog Object attribute with the ability to specify the number of entries to select. ⚠ The dependent Directory Attribute attribute was deprecated and is not available for new templates.

  • The cascading selection was improved: now a user can select both incoming-type- and outgoing-type-linked Catalog entries.

  • The import wizard was added to simplify the import process in a Catalog directory.

Fixed Bugs

  • The Catalog Select custom field is now to be imported correctly via the Jira import wizard. A user can perform bulk linking issues with Catalog objects.


Fixed Bugs

  • Incorrect filtering of Catalog Object field type entries was fixed.

  • Bug when "Linked Catalog Entries" and "Linked Issues" fields names not displaying in entry card was fixed.

  • Bug with "all entries" checkbox choosing only records from one page was fixed.


  • Commas and semi-colons are now prohibited in entries names.

  • Audit log in Catalog administration was improved.

  • Minor visual improvements.


The price model was changed. The app is now paid.

New Features

  • Cascading select is now available for the Catalog Select custom field


  • Filters in the user section are now separate from the visible columns, that allows more powerful filtration.

  • Attribute uniqueness check improvements.

  • Minor visual improvements.


New Features

  • A new Catalog attribute to display the linked Jira issues: Link Issues And Directories Objects

  • A new Catalog attribute to display the linked catalog entries: Interlink Directories Objects


  • An entry created via the Catalog Select (single) custom field to be automatically selected in the field

  • A hint added for the Catalog Select (single) custom field that a user should start typing to get the list of relevant options.

  • A selected directory is now highlighted in the list of directories.

Fixed Bugs

  • Catalog doesn't affect the Look&Feel section in Jira administration anymore.


Data Center compatibility added.


Fixed Bugs

  • Bug with "From creation" option in fields properties was fixed.

  • Empty records are not displaying while directory export anymore.

  • Export of directory entries was fixed

  • Attribute types: Date attribute validation was added.

  • Minor naming changes.

  • Jira 8.12 compatibility was added.


Initial release


Fixed Bugs

  • The attribute type cannot be changed after creation anymore to avoid any inconsistency in the existing data

  • Error message for an absent page was added

  • The directory name attribute was made mandatory

  • Title attribute default field size was adjusted

  • Catalog Select custom field: minor design improvements

  • The directory title 'required' option cannot now be unchecked

  • The irrelevant error message in the Catalog Select customer field was eliminated

  • the system attribute cannot now be deleted

  • Minor bugfixes

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