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Universal Directories Structure Setup

Structure Overview

Universal Directories consists of directories. Each directory is basically a list of cards/objects created by the same template. As an admin, you can create directories and set templates for them adding different parameters and defining the order of display. Universal Directories users will fill the directories with entries.

Managing Directories

Permissions of managing directories (add/edit/delete) are granted to Jira Administrators.

Adding a Directory

To add a new directory navigate to Apps → Universal Directories → Directories and select + New Directory.

There are no directories set up by default after the Universal Directories for Jira installations.

Specify the directory parameters:

  1. The directory name is mandatory & unique. You will not be able to change it after creation.

  2. Each attribute must have a Name. This is the attribute to be displayed anywhere you make a selection from the directory entries (i. e. an issue custom field or an attribute connecting two directories).
    So this attribute is added by default. You cannot edit or delete it. Users will have to add entries with names unique within a directory.

  3. All other attributes are up to you. Create as many as you need and specify:

  • an attribute name (unique within a directory)

  • an attribute type (different types allow different data input, validators and search options. Read more: Attribute Types)

  • an attribute mandatoriness (a user will not be able to save an entry with no value in the mandatory attribute)

Editing/Deleting a Directory

Hover a directory to see the list of available actions. You can edit an existing directory structure or delete a directory.

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