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In-app Reports

If you are granted access to Universal Directories, you can enjoy the various dynamic two-dimensional reports, combining filtering and sorting abilities. You can filter by any combination of parameters applying handy formulas for each filter.

Answer questions like:

  • Who of the employees from the IT department has a particular skill?

  • How many developers were hired from the start of this year?

  • Who is the creator of the most popular product of our customers?

  • How many items of the particular kind you have?

  • Which certificates are going to expire in the next two months?

... and much more! You are only limited by the data you store in your Universal Directories.

Example: Who of our Canadian employees have the research skill?

Dashboard Gadgets

Show the Universal Directories fields in the following standard gadgets:

  • Filter Results

  • Voted Issues

  • Watched Issues

  • Issues in progress

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