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Release Notes

  • Minor improvements: icon and name (Catalog → Universal Directories) update.

  • "Issue fields" new feature: Records Query field type for filtering options from the directory is now available.

  • The multi-select catalog field is now available.

  • Quick search by entry name was added to directories.

  • Minor improvements

  • Now administrators can select which fields should be visible within the Catalog web section in the issue view form

  • The Directory attribute search now goes by "contains"

  • Group selection in the Permissions section was improved.

  • Minor visual improvements.

  • New attribute types are now available: User, Group, URL.

  • Email-function was added to the Email attribute to allow quick email creation.

  • The uniqueness check for an object card within the issue view was fixed.

  • The ability to edit issue fields via the Catalog web-section is now restricted to users with Edit issue permissions.

  • New settings interface for Catalog objects:

A web-panel was added to the issue view screen, where a user can browse and manage the linked Catalog objects according to their permissions. The section and corresponding custom fields are synchronized.

Initial release.

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