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There are two aspects of working with Universal Directories objects: managing the objects themselves (requires Universal Directories-specific permissions) and managing their links to issues if there is a custom field that allows linking.

Working with objects

Only licensed authorized Jira users can browse and manage objects wherever it is available. They should be granted special permissions related to working with objects (browse/add/edit/delete). Jira admins have full permissions by default.

Jira Administration → Apps → Teamlead Universal Directories → Permissions

Access the Universal Directories user section and browse objects

Browse cards of objects, linked to issues

Create new objects and edit the existing ones

Delete objects

unlicensed user





Jira Admins*





licensed user

*Jira Admins are those who included in groups selected in Jira Settings → Products → Product Access → Administration access

Working with object linking to issues

The ability to link objects to issues depends on:

  • availability of a custom field for such linking

  • project permissions of a user

Regular users with no Universal Directories-specific permissions work with relevant object names rather than with the objects themselves. They will see select lists with object names provided as options, but cannot access an object card with parameters if no permissions.

Permissions of selecting/editing objects within issues are the same as for editing any standard Jira field:

  • the Create Issue permission allows editing a particular Universal Directories object field if it presents on the creation screen

  • the Edit Issues permission allows editing a particular Universal Directories object field if it presents on the view/edit screen


Example 1. A customer (Jira Service Management) can select an object via a custom field as the field presents on the creation screen of the request. However, the customer cannot access the object card and can only browse the names of the available objects.

Example 2. A Jira user without the Edit Issue permission but with the Universal Directories Access permission can browse the information of objects linked to the issue but cannot change the link.

Example 3. A Jira user with the Edit Issue permission but without the Universal Directories Access permission can select an object linked to the issue and can manage th selection but cannot access the object information.

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