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Administrator's Guide

Jira standard functionality of the subtasks section configuration (Atlassian documentation) is quite complicated and may not meet your needs. The Subtasks Section app allows you to configure the Subtasks section of the parent issues differently for any issue type and project combination.

Navigate to the Jira Administration → Manage Apps → Subtasks section

1. Create a new entry by selecting the project and the issue types you'd like to configure the Subtasks section for.

2. Push the Fields button and configure the fields that should be displayed as columns in the subtasks section within a parent issue.

  • Field - select a fields to be displayed as a column

  • Field name (optional) – custom name for the column. If empty, the original field name will be displayed in heading.

  • Field name (En)(optional) – custom name for the column in english localization

Drag the fields to specify the columns order.

Here is an example of the Subtasks section view in an issue.

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