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Legacy automation for Jira Service Management

Legacy automation lets you focus on the work that matters, removing the need to perform manual, repetitive tasks by allowing your teams to automate their processes and workflows. You can read more about Legacy automation in Jira here.
You can expect fully functioning automation for new automation engine in Jira Software in future release but right now automation is available only for Jira Service Management.

“Create a reminder“ custom action allows you to create Reminders automatically with some triggers and conditions.

Actions are the doers of your rule. They allow you to automate tasks and make changes within your site, and can perform many tasks, such as editing an issue, sending a notification, or creating sub-tasks.

To access this feature go to Project settings -> Legacy automation.

After configuring Trigger that kicks off the rule and conditions that refine the rule you can add “Create a reminder“ action in the Notifications section.

You can confugure the action and set:

  • User/Users that will recieve a reminder.

  • Frequency of a reminder (Daily / Weekly / Monthly).

  • Time when the reminder is to be recieved (Immediately / Next day / Next Week / Next Month).

  • Message of a reminder.

Since automation configuration requires users with sufficient permissions, those without the necessary access can request it through a dedicated tab.

By default the recipient of automation request is determined as follows:

  1. To the Project Lead who is a member of the 'jira-administrators' group or has the 'Administrator' role;

  2. If the project has the default Project Lead (admin) - to all project users who are members of the 'jira-administrators' group or have the 'Administrators' role.

  3. If there are no users in the project who are members of the 'jira-administrators' group or have the 'Administrator' role - to users with Global permission - Jira System administrators.

But recipient of automation requests can be changed. To do so go to Reminder app's settings in a project and select the user who will recieve such requests.

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