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The Reminder app allows users to create a reminder for any entity – even app-related – with the reserved URL. No integration required. Read more: Reminders For Any Jira Page

Following is the list of the designed integrations:

Calendar for Jira (Teamlead)

Browse your reminders within a calendar.

Configuration Manager for Jira (Botron Software)

Migrate your reminders on another instance right with your issues.

  • To migrate queued reminders (both issue-related and not issue-related), use the 'Projects With Issues' type of snapshot.

  • To migrate permission settings, use the 'System Configuration'  type of snapshot and don't forget to tick the Include Global Data checkbox.

Note that non-issue reminders will still exist even if the page they were created for doesn't exist on the target instance. Only the base URL will be changed for those reminders during the deploy.

Also, if the addressee (a user or a group) doesn't exist on the target instance and there are no more reminder addressees – the reminder won't be created on the target instance.

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