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SLA Reports for SLA 2.0


The HelpDesk SLA 2.0 overdue statistics gadget helps you to visualize the number an percentage of overdue issues within for the selected time period:

Setting Up

Navigate to a dashboard and add a new gadget by selecting the HelpDesk SLA 2.0 overdue statistics gadget from the list of available ones. Read: Configuring dashboards (Atlassian).



Set up the gadget as following:

  • Title - a name of the gadget;

  • Project or Saved (Filter) - The list of issues the gadget should be based on;

  • SLA field - a field of the HelpDesk SLA type that should be analyzed;

  • Metric - the options to be displayed. Overdue/Not overdue/Both options are available.

  • Group period - a period the statistics should be grouped by. The Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly options are available;

  • Period type - choose a period to be displayed within the gadget. The Current day/Current week/Current month/Current quarter/Current year options are available.
    You can also choose the specific period to be displayed by selecting the 'Dates period' option:

  • Auto-refresh – check the checkbox to automatically update the gadget info once in 15 minutes.

In the example below the statistics for the current year grouped by weeks is displayed, both overdue and not overdue issues are counted.

Each circle contains statistics for the selected group (day/week/month/quarter/year).


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