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Other Apps Compatibility

Note that as HelpDesk is a separate app, it might not be compatible with third-party apps. For example, not all custom fields may be displayed correctly within the HelpDesk issue view. That is especially regarded to the fields that require a user to be authorized in Jira.

Please let us know about your cases via our Customer Portal to request app compatibility or get a workaround.



HelpDesk supports edited comments and issues descriptions by JEditor app (as well as images displaying)

Script Runner / Power Scripts etc.


HelpDesk supports some scripted fields, post-functions, etc. However, not all functions are supported. For example, you cannot script issue initialization on portal or affect on fields visibility on the issue creation screen according to different conditions.

Jira Suite Utilities


HelpDesk supports Jira Suit Utilities post-functions and validators



We got a huge number of requests for compatibility with the Insight app. We tried or best, unfortunately, it is not compatible with the very HelpDesk architecture and this integration is not possible for now. However, we developed a new app – Catalog for Jira – that may help you to set up a simple catalog of services and other entities. The app is totally compatible with Helpdesk. Try it and let us know what features we should add!

Dynamic Forms


Assets and Inventory Plugin for Jira (by Appfire)


HelpDesk supports AIP custom fields.

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