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You may have remote team members or customers from all around the world so localization might be the really important feature of your service desk. With the HelpDesk app you can translate almost everything related to the HelpDesk Portal.

A user will see their profile-relevant language translations on the Portal if this translation is available. If it's not – a user will see the original entity name. The language can be selected at the login window as well as in profile settings. By default, your customers will have the default system language in their profile.

HelpDesk supports the following languages:

  • English

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Polish

  • Slovak

  • French

However, all system Jira languages are available for a user in their profile. If another language is selected, the user will see the default system language names for automatically translated entities.

What Can & Cannot Be Translated

Requires Manual Translation

  • Tab names

  • Request name

  • Request description

  • Portal name and description

(check the Request Types article)

Translated Automatically

If you'd like to add one more language to the auto-translation – please let us know!

  • Portal Search field tip text

  • My Issues section name

  • Issue interface: fields, sections and so on (the same way as in Jira)

  • HelpDesk user profile section

  • Login & Signup windows

  • Issues export button

Cannot Be Translated (Yet)

  • Tabs' names in the My Issues section

  • Any text you put in your customer portal layout

  • Notifications

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