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Comments Security Levels


The standard Jira functionality allows you to select the comment security level from the list of project roles (and groups, if set up) with the default level = Viewable by All Users. That may not be acceptable for the support team members who have to check twice the comment security level before posting a comment that may go directly to a customer. The HelpDesk app allows you to visualize two different security levels for comments. There will be two buttons: for the internal comment and for the public one.

You can use this functionality selectively for the projects.

Standard comments functionality

HelpDesk comments functionality

Setting Up

1. Navigate to Help Desk administration → Comments → Comments Security

2. Add a 'project-role' rules to specify, for which project which role should be considered the internal comments security level.

If a user has the specified role in the specified project, he/she will see the two buttons instead of the standard list of security levels.

The internal security level can be based on project roles only. Define who takes part in the support tickets processing, add them all to a project group and create a HelpDesk security level for this group.

The HelpDesk comments security levels scheme works in Jira only. It cannot be applied for the comments created on User Dashboard issue view.

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