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JIRA bugs that affect HelpDesk

The HelpDesk app reuses some basic JIRA functionality. You may run into some bugs and known issues that relate to JIRA while using our app. Don't worry! They will disappear as soon as they will be fixed in JIRA (if we don't overcome them before as the additional advantage of our app).

Please use our Customer Portal to let us know about any bugs or inconveniences you meet using our apps.

Check the full list of Atlassian support issues here:

Following are the JIRA bugs an known issues you may notice when using the HelpDesk app:

.HelpDesk Notifications v2.0

Wiki markup embedded images are not shown in email notifications

Jira does not differentiate between attachments of same name in comments while it does in attachment section (Fixed in 8.6)

Outgoing emails not threading in Outlook when connected to Exchange Server

Issue Type icon being attached to JIRA issue upon reply to issue notification

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