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JQL Filters, Dashboards and Gadgets

New version of EpicTimesheets, unlike the previous one, has Jira's custom fields, which means you can search through the Issue Navigator and use them in Dashboards and Gadgets. Neat! 

There are, however, some important things we need to point out. 

JQL search in Issue Navigator

First, due to some Atlassian restrictions that we had to work around to bring you this functionality, it isn't possible use custom field names directly in your search. We can only use their aliases.

Also, we are not allowed to use time tracking fields like Original Estimate, which can search by days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds (apparently Atlassian is monopolizing it)... so we had to improvise. We have created many aliases for you to use, so you can always pick one that is more relevant to the purpose of your query. 

EpicRatio is kinda easy: it is just a simple number, so it only has one alias for you to use. Other 3 fields have more options depending on a scale you need for your JQL query.

The search is available for five values for each of them: in seconds, in minutes, in hours, in days and in weeks. And each of the options has its own alias. 

Here are all of the options: 

Epic Estimate

Epic Remaining

Epic Time Spent


in seconds





in minutes




in hours




in days




in weeks




Say, you want to find all Epics with remaining time greater than a week. That's a field called "Epic Remaining", and actually you can do it in multiple ways. 

You can search for "epicRemainingInWeeks > 1", or may be "epicRemainingInDays > 5". If you for some reasons (not sure we wanna know) need to search for it in seconds, you can do that too with  "epicRemainingInSeconds > 432000".

Available operators: 

= , != , > , >= , < , <=

Epic Timesheets takes days-to-week calculation settings from Jira. If you have it set up so one week is 7 days, the app will calculate in accordingly. 

Looks like a lot, but once you try it, you will see that it is actually pretty nice. Just use the alias as you would use a name of any field in the Issue Navigator, and you will be able to do with these fields anything you can do with any other Jira custom field. 

Dashboards and Gadgets

As any other Jira field, Epic Timesheet's fields can be used in Dashboards and Gadgets. You have to use aliases to do it as well. 

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