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Importing/Exporting Data


You can export data from the CRM directories separately:

  • Companies

  • Contacts

  • Products

  • Transactions

The data will be exported as a .csv file and will be available through Excel. You can export the particular entries or all the directory entries. Note that not all CRM attributes are exportable (check the list of CRM attributes).

It might be convenient for various reports or for importing information back to CRM. For example, you can import the initial list of contacts and organizations not to add them manually entry by entry.

The permission to export and import CRM information can be granted separately in the Access section CRM Settings.

Export/Import Settings

Navigate to the CRM Import settings and check the following import/export settings:

  • Encoding

  • Separator

Those settings are used both when exporting and importing.

Exporting Data From Directories

  1. Navigate to the directory in the CRM main menu (upper Jira panel) and select the entries you want to export by ticking the relevant checkboxes (leave the checkboxes empty to export all entries).

  2. Push the Export button and confirm the start of the export process. It may take time if you have many entries and export them all.
    All exportable CRM attributes will be exported in the table and additional (hidden in CRM view) row "Updated" will be shown with date and time of last updates of each element.

  3. To open a .csv file in Excel create a blanc excel workbook and Import the file there.
    Use the same encoding and separator that are selected in your CRM export/import settings.

Importing Data To Directories

In the "CRM/Import" menu there is the capability of importing data from CSV into dictionaries. Not all data types (i.e. JQL and similar) can be imported.

CSV (Excel) template file for uploading can be received by exporting data from dictionaries as written above (even if there is no data). 

Before import

  • Delete column "Updated"

  • If you use text redactor to edit .csv file make sure that the data is separated with semicolon ( ; ) or comma ( , ) accordingly to CSV settings

  • Check that captions for Companies do not match captions for Contacts fields

Use 'restrict duplicates' property for the attribute that you don't want to be repeated during import.

Differences between export and import files for Transactions:

System attribute




issue key with the summary

only issue key without summary









Notice that Transactions by default are identified by Date while import so it is better to make unique custom key in transaction attributes (properties -> 'Is title') to have the ability to import transactions with the same date.

Use checkbox 'Create a new company for a transaction while import if there is no suitable company' to create a new Company in CRM Companies Directory if you import transactions where the client is a new company not listed in your CRM. If unchecked, transaction with a new company name will not be imported.

Importing Issues with CRM Custom Fields to JIRA from CSV

Please notice that issue CSV import with CRM custom fields should be done after importing options from CRM directory to CRM Custom Fields.

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