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How to display list of issues at Company/Contact card?

It's possible to display a list of chosen issues at Company or Contact card.

These settings can be done by Administrator.

Take following steps to add issues list to Company card:

  1. Go to CRM Administration, tab Company or Contacts

  2. Add a new tab to place your list of issues

  3. Add a new field with JQL-type, for example field "Deals" and place it to the tab, see more: Set up Companies Directory

  4. Open Properties of the new field.

  5. Set property JQL with JQL-filter, to choose only issues connected with current company, use operator 'Company' = CURRENT_NAME (field type CRM Company) or 'Company' ~ CURRENT (field type CRM Company (Deprecated)). See more Dictionary Attribute Types and Properties

  6. Set property Fields. There you should list issue fields to display in issues table. 

In case you delete JIRA User from Company card, all issues reported by this user will disappear from company's issues in Company card. To not to lose issues from the list you should make JIRA User Inactive in Administrators Menu/ User Management. The issues remain in Company card and (Inactive) appears next to user's name. That means that inactive user no longer has access to JIRA, CRM and company's issues.

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