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Transactions Attributes

Transactions page can be configured as well as transactions view in issues. Go to CRM Administrator menu / Transactions:

Setting up Transactions Tabs

Create tabs for Transaction cards and configure fields order for these tabs:

The fields are taken from Transaction Attributes section (see below). The Transaction card will have view with configured tabs with field order set:

Setting up Transactions Attributes

Transactions have attributes and can be customized in Transactions Attribute section:

Linked fields option allows to create autofilling of selected field with default user's directory value depending of linked field value.

Read more about Directory Attribute Types and Properties

Amount format

You can select which decimal separator will be used in your CRM transactions. To set format for numbers in transaction's amounts select locale from the dropdown list of all locales presented in your system:

For example English locale means dot decimal separator:

Russian locale converts it to another format with comma separator:

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