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How to find issues where company has/hasn't other issues?

Sometimes we want to find issues, where company has or hasn't other issues. For example, at Teamlead we have projects Deals. There we track Deals (issues). And we have another project - Hosting, where we track hosting Instances (issues). So, we want to see Instances, which have no any Deals in status Delivery to control payments etc.

To resolve this requirement we'v add special JQL operator into CRM:

id not in issuesByField(Company, "ANY JQL")

Let's have a look at full example of JQL:

project = HOSTING AND issuetype = Instance AND status = Работает AND "Режим работы" = Промышленный AND id not in issuesByField(Company, "project = DEAL AND issuetype = Deal AND status = Delivering AND Department = {(119)}")

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