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Direct Mail

This feature allows users to send emails to selected contacts from the CRM Contacts directory. The functionality works with the Main Email type of attribute.

Access to the feature

As the administrator, you can specify which group(s) of users will be allowed to use the direct mailing in CRM. Navigate to CRM settings → Access → Other Permissions to select the relevant groups. If no groups selected, no one will be able to send emails to contacts directly from CRM Contacts Directory.

SMTP settings

Configure the SMTP to be able to send emails from CRM. Navigate to CRM Settings → Direct Mail to set up.

  • Optionally you can specify an email address that should be notified if someone unsubscribed.

  • Optionally the email existence check can be set up

Using the Direct Mail functionality

Email validation

The system validates the selected emails before providing the mail creation form. Validation includes the correct spelling of the email address (regular expression) and – if the email existence check is enabled – the address existence check performed via MX domains checking and sending MAIL FROM commands via telnet.

  • select quick validation to skip the check for the emails that were validated before

  • select full validation to check all of the selected emails

(info) Add the Email is valid attribute to the Contact template so the CRM can store the latest validation results there.

Message form

When the validation is completed, the message creation form will be provided:


The link that allows contacts to stop receiving the CRM direct mails is added to emails automatically.

(info) Add the No subscribe me attribute to the Contact template to browse the information of contacts who declined to receive emails from CRM.

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