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CRM Products Report

Products Report in CRM

CRM starting from version 1.8.9 can create report about products mentioned in issues in Custom field - CRM Products & Services. The access to the report is set in CRM Administrator menu / Access.

  • Select Reports menu; 

  • Products Report in CRM; 

  • Select a filter from dropdown list of saved filters. 

    In this case you'll receive list of all products that are in issues that correspond to selected filter result.

Also you can add some conditions to the report. Products attributes are taken from "Products & Services" directory settings. To add one more condition click on "+", the conditions will be added with 'AND' operator.

Products Report Gadget

The same as report you can add a gadget to JIRA dashboards with filtered data.

Find 'CRM products report' in gadgets list

Select filter ar project to search by and other filter conditions you need

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