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Sync CRM Contacts with Jira Users & Customers

It might be suitable to keep information about your Jira users (and customers in Jira Service Management) in CRM. Also, synchronization is essential to automatically define a Company of an issue Reporter.

By default, the synchronization is disabled. You can enable or disable synchronization in the section CRM Settings → Jira User Syncing.

Turning synchronization on

When the sync is turned on, the app starts checking existing Jira users (and customers, for Jira Service Management) and CRM contacts by their emails:

  • if contact with the same email exists, it will be linked to the Jira user/customer

  • if there is no contact for a user/customer, a new linked CRM contact will be created

Once enabled, synchronization will run continuously in the background. Upon creating a new Jira user or customer, linked CRM contacts will be linked/created automatically.

When syncing in on

When the sync is on, the following contact attributes become read-only for the contacts linked to users: Name, Email, and Synced Jira User value. Those values can be changed only via the User account settings. You cannot delete a contact synced to a user/customer when the sync is on. Deleting a user/customer will unlink the related CRM contact.

You can also create CRM contacts manually, edit all their attributes and delete the entries.

Turning synchronization off

When the sync is turned off, the Synced Jira User value is being cleared from contacts and they become regular entries. They can be managed separately from the relevant Jira users/customers.


Which way does synchronization work?

Synchronization works from user to contact. Thus, if the system fields change for user, they change for contact.

Can I delete synced contacts?

Synchronized contact cannot be deleted. Disable sync to delete the contact.

How do I edit the system fields of synch contact?
Edit these fields for the user. After that, the contact will be updated.

How many times and how often should sync be turned on?

Once enabled, synchronization will run continuously in the background.

Why synced contact is not updating?
Go to the contact list. After that, the contact should be updated.

How long does it take to sync?
Depending on the number of users, it can be instant or take up to 10 minutes.

What happens if I turn off sync?

  • The Synced Jira User field is cleared

  • Contacts can be edited and deleted

  • When a new user is created, the contact is not created

  • When you delete a user, the contact remains in the system

  • When a user is changed, the contact is not updated.

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