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Income & Expenses

Income & Expenses is the section where you can store the list of transactions with their parameters. This is one of the default sections of CRM, you get access to it as soon as you have the CRM app installed.

An Income & Expenses card may contain various fields that helps a user to collect information about transactions easily and keep it structured. As an administrator, you can change the Income & Expenses template according to business needs.

For your convenience you can find sums of Estimate revenue and Actual revenue on the footer. The  fields calculate all sums from relevant columns except for transactions marked with VOIDED status. When any filter is applied, Estimate revenue and Actual revenue fields are being recalculated on the go.

Layout configuration

By default, there is only one predefined tab Main is set for the Income & Expenses directory with the following fields configuration:

  • Date - keeps a date related with the particular transaction (can be changed, current date is being used as default)

  • Type - defines the type of transaction's flow (two options are available: Income (set as default) and Expense)

  • Linked Issue - displays the list of issues linked with the current entry (clickable and directs a user to the issue view screen)

  • Status - defines the status of a transaction (predefined statuses that can not be deleted: Draft (set as default), Pending, Paid, Voided; adding custom statuses is allowed) 

  • Company - used to link a transaction with a particular company

  • Description - used to take notes, leave comments for a particular transaction

  • Est. revenue - defines estimated revenue that is expected to be get

  • Revenue - defines actual revenue of a particular transaction.

Those fields can not be deleted, but you can adjust the list of fields with other ones.

List of attribute field types available for custom usage in the Income & Expenses directory:

There are no entries by default in the Income & Expenses directory.

How to add a transaction

⚠️ Date, Type, Status and Est. revenue are required on the transaction creation form.

Income & Expenses in the Company card

Once CRM installed, you can find Income & Expenses section in a Company card.

It holds all transactions where this company is specified. The section is read only, to make changes on transactions list → click on Go to Income & Expenses button, that redirects you to the Income & Expenses directory filtered by this company.

Income & Expenses in the issue

Income & Expenses section can be found and expand in the CRM web-section in the issue view.

All transactions created from the directory and linked to the particular issue will be available in this section.

Here you can open a transaction, edit it, or create a new record from scratch. In case of a new record creation you'll have Linked Issue (current opened issue) and Company (chosen on the Company field) fields predefined with the relevant values.

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