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Finding clientKey

Our support engineers may ask you for the clientKey parameter to eliminate a bug on your Jira site. This is the parameter that allows us to locate the problem in logs.

Example of clientKey: fa09d781-d6c1-368e-bf5e-58cfa3aa67d0

How to find it?

Step 1. Staying in Jira, open the Developer Tools in your browser.

Reaching the DevTools differs from browser to browser
  • Keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + I, except

    • Internet Explorer and Edge: F12

    • macOS: ⌘ + ⌥ + I

  • Menu bar:

    • Firefox: Menu   → Web Developer → Toggle Tools, or Tools → Web Developer →Toggle Tools

    • Chrome: View → Developer → Developer tools

    • Safari: Develop →Show Web Inspector. If you can't see the Develop menu, go to Safari → Preferences → Advanced, and check the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox.

    • OperaDeveloper → Developer tools

  • Context menu: Press-and-hold/right-click an item on a webpage (Ctrl-click on the Mac), and choose Inspect Element from the context menu that appears.

Step 2. Keeping the DevTools open, navigate to CRM → Companies directory.

Step 3. Find the clientKey information:

  • go to the Network tab

  • search for the entityprop in the search bar

  • go to the Preview tab of the entytyprop file

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