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Custom Directories Configuration

CRM custom Directories can be configured according to your needs.

The basic configuration principles are the same for all type of directories:

  • the list of attributes and their order

  • configuration of the particular attribute (if applicable)

There is some specificity related to custom directories management. Let's look closer.

Custom Directory creation

To create a custom Directory go to the Layouts settings → Directories tab → click on "Create directory" button. You'll see a Directory Creation Form where a structure for the directory should be specified. Fill NameField Title and choose a Field Type.

Adding a Custom Directory to a Company/ Contact card

When custom Directories are created you can add them to a Company or a Contact card following the steps:

  1. Go to the Companies/ Contact directory Layouts settings.

  2. Create a field with a Directory field type. 

  3. In the appeared Directory field choose the one you'd like to add → Tab field will be named and created automatically. 

  4. Click "Add".

How to use custom directories on a Company/ Contact card

⚠️ Please note, working with a custom Directory assumes that you need to create its options in Directories page first and then choose them from the available ones on a Company/Contact card.

When Directory attribute is added to a Company/ Contact card, you can choose its options right in the card view:

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