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Service Level Agreement

Business Hours and Response Time

We will respond to your support requests within:

  • 8 business hours – Server

  • 2 business hours – Cloud / Data Center

from the time of your request. Our office is based in Astana, Kazakhstan and so our business hours are Monday — Friday, 10:00 — 18:00  (UTC+6)

Submitting And Tracking a Request

Submit a request through our Customer Portal or send an email to Please note that by submitting a support ticket or sending a support email you are implicitly agreeing with our Privacy policy.

In order to help us to investigate a reported problem and find a solution faster, please provide us as much relevant information as possible, such as:

  • Add-on name and version you are using.

  • A version of underlying Jira or Confluence.

  • All information regarding the issue you are facing including log files, steps to reproduce, screenshots, etc.

  • Web browser used and its version number.

If you have several questions it's highly recommended to submit them as separate tickets so we will be able to triage them between different assignees and respond faster.

Support Languages

  • English

Support Includes

  • Help regarding public Teamlead add-ons under evaluation.

  • Help with issues during installation and upgrades of public Teamlead add-ons.

  • Help troubleshooting problems with public Teamlead add-ons.

  • Ideas and feature-request receiving and optional informing on a feature/improvement release.

Support Does Not Include

  • Product Training.

  • Support of the customers who do not have a valid and current license or active subscription on Teamlead add-ons.

  • Help with apps in case of underlying Jira or Confluence version no longer supported by Atlassian.

  • Troubleshooting problems related to other applications (e.g. Jira) that Teamlead add-on is integrated with and not directly related to the add-on integration.

  • Support related to Teamlead add-ons that have been retired.

Besides public add-ons support, Teamlead provides custom development and extended support of Atlassian products and apps. Contact us with your special requests and we will suggest a solution.

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